Day 8 being a Fruitarian

6:30am WAKE UP TIME! I got up bright eyed and bushy tailed today! YAY for going to bed at a good time!! I made it the whole day without eating a cookie, so double YAY! I weighed in and still at the same weight…fine…maybe this isn’t a weight loss diet…or maybe I’m retaining water because of you know what… Anyhow, I feel great! I once again did not wake up hungry, which is amazing. At the start of this I thought I’d wake up every morning ready to eat a whole farm!

So I ate a banana (105 calories) before I ran today. I had my best run yet! I went a new route to see if the GPS was not great in the area I was running…I think we are good now. I’m going to do the same route the next 2 runs and see how the consistency is. So today, I ran my longest run and got my best mile time! YAYAYAYAYYYYYYYYY! I felt great and probably could have easily ran longer. I’m starting to feel like an actual runner! I used to hike, do pilates, Krav Maga, whatever else to be active…this was years ago…and I was in great shape! Didn’t have a six pack, but I looked good.:) Anyhow…after having my kids, I found it hard to be able to do all those things…I got WAY out of shape. So this is a new start. I have never been a runner and never liked it. I never thought I would be a runner. I gave in and started and I am starting to love it…who knows…maybe a race will be in my future.:)

8:30am Having a third of a honeydew (135 calories) and half a cantaloupe (100 calories) and 1 banana (105 calories) for breakfast. 445 calories for the day. It’s so good! I’ve never been a huge fan of honeydew…not sure why…but I love it today!

11:30am I just put down 4 bananas! (420 calories) I love bananas…so easy to eat…so filling…so yummy! Make sure you have these on hand by the hoards if you are going to do a fruitarian diet!

I found this on No Meat Athlete and thought it was a great article on Fruitarianism and also has some great links to look at! I think I need to cut down on my fats…no more olives and only 1 avocado a day for the rest of the month!

And this is a super amazing article on Fitness Goop that shows how Fruitarian and Raw Vegans are hard to beat athletically! Really good examples of this lifestyle done well.

6:00pm I’ve had some snacking of bananas and apples (580 calories) so I’m at 1445 calories so far today. Making dinner now, I’m making little kale tacos.:)

20130508-223045.jpg┬áSo, they turned out a little different than tacos, but were still delicious…even more so than expected! I mixed 1 roma tomato chopped, 1 mango chopped, 1.5 avocados chopped (I know I said I would limit myself to only 1 avo a day, but these were small so give me a break!), handful of cilantro chopped. Then I took 4 kale leaves and sliced off the hard stems so they would end easier, and wrapped them around large spoonfuls of my mixture. They were amazing! Depending on the size of your leaves, you could totally just stuff them like soft tacos. These were long and skinny though, so it didn’t work. You could also use collard greens, or whatever other leaves you have.:) The rest of the mixture I just ate on the side. (451 calories) total of 1896 calories for the day.

10:52pm I’m about to sleep but I just thought of something…aside from just weighing in each day…I should be getting some measurements! Starting tomorrow I will start measuring my waist, butt, thighs, and arms to see how I start taking shape. I should have done this from the beginning, because I notice a big difference in my mid section already!

Ok everyone! Sleep well! See ya tomorrow!

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  1. Hana-li says:

    Honeydew is by far my favorite melon! Glad you like it today!

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